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Thread: Hard disk problem

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    Question Hard disk problem

    I am having problems with transferring files from my pc to another on the same network. I receive an error message reporting a I/O error with reading the source disk/file. I get this same problem when I try to copy some files from one partition to another on the same hard disk. I am even having problems trying backup files to a CD with Nero reporting that it cannot cache the files due to the same I/O problem.

    This has got me worried as I am running out of ways to get my data off the drive! I am guessing that some part of the hard disk is corrupt. Does anyone know what the problem could be, how I can go about fixing it or how I can get the data off the disk?

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    Hmm does sound like a possible disk issue or that the files in use - ive seen weird messages come up when a file thats in use is trying to be copied. Make sure any apps that might access these files are shut down.

    Are you trying to move or copy the data??

    Grab an app like norton diskdoctor - that will scan the disk for errors and hopefully if it finds bad blocks / clusters etc, it will mark them and shift the data of.

    One thing to try is copying the data via dos, to another directory on the same disk. This would ensure your only trying to read the area of the disk and not make a change by moving it. Plus, dos is sometimes less fussy about those type of disk errors.
    Worth a try n e way

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