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Thread: dvi input from lg monitor

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    dvi input from lg monitor


    I have brought an 17" LG Flatron L1730P with dvi input, the only problem is that the dvi cable won't fit into the back of my graphics card?

    The card is a pci-e msi geforce 6800gt and the pin layout is slightly different to the monitor. I contacted micro direct and they couldn't help, I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this.

    Arrrrgggghhhh I have just checked micro directs website and the monitor I brought has gone down by £30!



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      • Lian Li PC-602
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    Hi Gav,

    Welcome to the forum,

    There's 3 types of DVI connection, DVI-I, DVI-D and DVI-A.
    More info on this is available here ->

    I believe the L1730P has a DVI-D connector, and your MSI 6800GT has 2 DVI-I connectors.

    I believe a DVI-D cable should work with both DVI-D and DVI-I. The odd thing is, it appears that your monitor comes with a DVI-D cable, so why it isn't connecting is baffling me.

    I hope the above link might help you further.


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