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Thread: Q-Fan Controller not saving settings

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    Q-Fan Controller not saving settings

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help.

    I'm having a strange issue with controlling my fans since I built this rig last year, where my chassis fans will just default to max rpm despite me optimising them within the bios. If I use the optimise option within the bios q-fan controller they will ramp down to a silent setting, but on saving and rebooting they will go straight back to max rpm.

    Now, if I install AI suite 3 from Asus I can indeed optimise them correctly though the q-fan software, however over the last year I have had more glitches and errors with AI suite 3 that I wish to do away with it and control everything through the bios instead...but this doesn't work.

    I have a feeling it may have something to do with the fan hub I am using which came with the phantex case, but I have installed it correctly and it should work in pwm - I would rather use this if possible as it means less cabling on view at the front of the system. I have the 2 front and 1 rear chassis fans attached to this, and that is plugged into a chassis fan header on the motherboard. So in the q fan options it correctly registers that I have 1 chassis fan for controlling (but really it controls all 3 together)

    For CPU cooling I am using a Kraken x61 and use CAM software to control this, this all works fine however sometimes my bios tells me it doesn't think there is a fan installed on the odd occasion, this is usually sorted if I reboot again. I have the fans for this installed directly to the motherboard CPU header as I didn't want the hub to just bundle all fans into one, I wanted separate control of the cpu fans/rad/pump.

    So does anyone have any idea's why my bios q-fan control resets to default after optimisation, but I can get it to work through AI suite 3?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    For reference my components:

    Strix X99 Gaming (latest bios installed)
    i7 6850k cpu
    32gb Corsair Dominator platinum ddr4
    Phantex Evolve ATX (& using the 3 standard fans that came with plugged into the provided fan hub controller)
    Kraken x61 for cpu cooling
    Strix GTX 1080 gpu

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      • Graphics card(s):
      • MSI 390 8gb
      • PSU:
      • toughpower 1kw
      • Case:
      • Zalman Z3 Plus
      • Operating System:
      • Windows 10 64bit
      • Monitor(s):
      • VIEWSONIC VG2401MH 144hz (Solid)
      • Internet:
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    Re: Q-Fan Controller not saving settings

    I had no problems with Q Fan on the Z170. Have you tried using the mobo fan headers directly? Hopefully you can reach 3 sets of pins and actually have 3...

    I do not have any idea how a fan hub might cause any problems though but you never know, especially if it's powered?

    edit: also worth posting this on the official Asus support forum for your particular motherboard.
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    Re: Q-Fan Controller not saving settings

    Thanks for the help, I actually managed to resolve this by creating my own custom fan curve. It seemed after optimising my bios felt that my fan needed to be extremely high despite my cpu being at 33dg. after tweaking the graph points a bit, I have it to a sound I am happy with - I will of course keep an eye on the temperatures though.

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