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Thread: Consumers entitlement

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    Consumers entitlement


    I've heard about various policies for TFT monitors and the number of pixels which must be declared dead before they can be returned.

    I'm just wondering what rights a customer has within the first 28 days of purchase. If your not happy with a product for whatever reason can you return it within 7 days and expect a refund/swap out, or return the product within a longer period of 14 days if faulty etc, do these kind of rules (trading standards?) take precedence over any dead pixel policies?

    If you could point me in the right direction with this through any advice or links to the right websites it would be most appreciated.


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    Under the distance selling regulations you can return the item within 7 days for a refund as long as it is unused- or for practical purposes, in the same condition as when you recieved it. As long as you don't damage the packaging you can try the monitor out and check it for dead pixels and then send it back if you're unhappy. You will have to cover the return postage though.

    Unless the manufacturer specifically guarantees the monitor will have no dead pixels (I.E. Samsung) then the monitor will conform to a specific ISO standard- this should be listed with the product specifications. Class 1 means no dead pixels, class 2 means there can be a few IIRC, someone else will know the specifics I'm sure.

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