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    Angry Stupid PC

    I feel like I'm clogging up HEXUS help today...

    My parents have just got a new BT Yahoo internet connection. Today, they asked me to install it for them.

    I inserted the disk, and followed the on screen instructions. When it got to installing the router software, it crashed. I then pressed the power button for 5 seconds to restart. When it got to the log on screen however, I found that all 5 passwords had been deleted, the screen resolution set to the worst, and the mouse not working.

    This was all done before the internet was working, so I don't know what to do now.

    When I try to change the screen res back, it asks to restart, I say yes, but it's still the same. I can change the passwords back as it seems they were only deleted. But when we log on, we're stuck without a mouse.The mouse works in safe mode, but nothing else.

    So to re-cap - this is what needs fixing:

    * The screen resolution needs to go back to 800x600
    * The mouse needs fixing

    It's a windows 98 OS, so I can't do a system restore.

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    Is it Windows 98 First or Second Edition (SE)


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    We are talking broadband here?

    Def sounds like a resource conflict to me..

    When you say 'router' is it actually a router, or is it on of the Alcatel Speedtouch or eqivalent USB ADSL modems?

    I would safe-mode it, and remove the Videocard and Mouse from the hardware list. Unplug the BT hardware, and reboot. Let Windows reboot, escape at the user login screen, and let it re-detect your VGA card and mousie - you may have to point it to find the original .inf files in C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows\System32.

    Let it reboot again, and try the BT software/hardware install from scratch.

    If they've not had any Internet Connectivity before, then they will have probably been using the 'Windows Family' logon option to give them shiny little user account icons, but the BT software will have installed Windows TCP/IP and Networks logon modules, so you may have to change the client default back again.

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