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Thread: ZmaxDP not booting

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    ZmaxDP not booting

    hi all

    i have two problems since two machines i've got fryday just wont boot. power is on. the systems are built. but nothing is printed on screen. nor the keyboard seems to function (ctrl+alt+del). but what is really strange: the mobos do not even give a single POST. i have tried several things: first i tried another graphic card -> nothing. then i tried to boot without ram -> no POSTs either. then i cleared the CMOS took out the batery and checked it. -> nothing too. the only thing that works on the machines: fans, LEDs and the cd slot is opening and closing. first i thought that it would be a BIOS problem but on both barebones...? moreover that both computers behave the same way... so i really do not know what it is. has anyone ever experienced such problems? please let me know if...

    ah yes, will have to give you the complete configuration of the two iwill barebones. the two are ZmaxDP's, dualies. One of it is red the other black.

    2 x 244 Opterons CPU
    2 x 1024 Kingston 3200 reg ECC KVR400X72RC3A/1G
    200GB SATA seagate Barracuda HD
    9700pro HIS GPU
    noname CD-DVD rw IDE


    2 x 246 Opterons CPU
    2 x 1024 Kingston 3200 reg ECC KVR400X72RC3A/1G
    200GB SATA seagate Barracuda HD
    9600XT/TD asus GPU
    Samsung CD-DVD rw IDE


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