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Thread: All programs opens too fast!

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    All menu's opens too fast!

    I am having a bit of a problem with things not delaying to open, then opening.

    When I go to start>all programs, it opens instantly without delay. It gets really annoying after a while. Also when I right click on anything and i navigate to a submenu it opens instantly as well.

    It might sound good at first but its actually really annoying!

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
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    Been playing with TweakXP or something similar?

    Menu delay is controlled through the registry, TweakXP provides a GUI to screw around with your registry settings in a "friendly" manner:
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    It must be registry mechanic that I installed. I wasn't sure if that was the culprit before as it has only done this on my laptop and not on my desktop which is odd. Does anyone know the specific registry that I can change?

    I will have a look at tweakxp and see if I can find the thing I want.

    Edit: sorry I looked at the link after I replied, the specific registry is there.

    Thanks its now fixed!
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    Heh - you can do it in Nivida options as well. Something like 'Make my menus open faster' or something.

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