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Thread: System hang for ~5-10mins on start

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    System hang for ~5-10mins on start

    G/f's parents have had a HP pc for about a month now. It boots up fine but whenever you log on to any account the desktop loads and so does the start bar but without the icons in the bottom right.You can move the mouse onto the start bar but it turns into a busy icon.There is no HDD access or cpu usage (can access ctrl-alt-del). Done the usual virus/adware/spyware check and have also had a poke around in msconfig and services but can't find anything which would cause this. Any ideas?

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    Could be looking for network connections? If I boot my 'work' PC with the ethernet cable unplugged it takes an age to complete the full boot. This can be avoided by going into BIOS and disabling the ethernet controller.
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