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Thread: SATA raptor not detected

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    Exclamation SATA raptor not detected

    I have recently built a new computer running a gigabyte GA-K8NF-9, AMD 3500 64, 1Gb Corsair XMS, 74gb raptor and a geforce 4 256mb pci-e card. But when I am trying to install windows, it formats the drives, then creates a list of files and reboots (as normal) but when it reboots, it goes back to the same thing. I was told I needed to nstall the SATA/RAID driver before I install XP by a floppy drive, I did this but the hard drive is not being detected in the IDE master slot it only comes up in the RAID set up, so it is not booting from the hard drive just from the CD.
    I have tried to fix it for the last few days not and it's getting a bit frustrating!!! :-)
    If anyone can help me with this it will be much appreciated.
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    Well beings as it's conencted to the Sata ports it shoudln't report in the IDE detection so thats not to be worried about. After it;s copied the files as you say have you gone into your bios and amended the boot order to SATA first, CD second?

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    Is SATA enabled in your bios? might be worth a check.

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