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Thread: Windows is ignoring my keyboard

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    Windows is ignoring my keyboard

    I've just put my shiny new toy together

    Gigabyte K8NXP
    AMD 64 3000+
    Seagate 120gb ide drive
    club3d 6600gt
    corsair ram

    and truly lovely it is too, but only if I use a knoppix boot disk.

    I can install WinXP pro fina and dandy but as soon as it finishes the install does the reboot and goes in to the user setup phase and I get no response from the keyboard. If I reboot I get the administrator login screen but still no joy from the keyboard.

    I've tried 2 different ps2 keyboards but there is no difference. Both work fine in the BIOS and in Knoppix.

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    Solved it. I changed my USB optical mouse for a good old fashioned PS2 mouse and now the keyboard works.

    Obviously really. *Shrugs*. Sometimes I really hate PCs.
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