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Thread: Recovering deleted files.

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    Recovering deleted files.

    Hi all.

    Just got my camera back from the repair shop today and the first thing I managed to do was delete all the pictures and vids stored on it! I thought they were locked, and I wanted to get rid of the ones I'd taken to check it was working using the delete all feature, thinking I'd protected the others Thought it took a little long...

    Anyway, these are really quite important to me, so I'd like them back. I've done the sensible thing, turned the camera off and taken out the memory card, so there's no changes on it since deleting them. I now need to get them back! Unfortunately, I'm in China at the moment, so searching for programs to do this is trickier than normal. Can someone reccomend a program with a download location that will do this for me? Definately has to be free.

    The images are stored on an SD card using a KM Dimage 530 (if that matters). I'll connect the camera to the PC via USB to create a temp drive in explorer.

    Cheers all! Greatly appreciated

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    THIS is supposed to do what you want.

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    This is supposed to be the daddy -

    But take a looks at some of these too -

    Some maybe shareware, but a 30 day trial maybe all you need this one time.

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    Thanks very much!


    did the job just fine, even previewed the deleted files.

    I'm afraid the first one didn't work because it needs an account, Chinese computers can only look at limited foreign websites!

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