System was working fine. It's brand new. I did a BIOS update with @BIOS, used the latest software version, did an Internet update, and rebooted after it said the update completed SUCCESSFULLY. After that, the system won't boot. I press Power, fans spin, but nothing on the screen. No beeps... NOTHING. Then it'll shut itself off. I don't get any keyboard LEDs. I thought DUAL BIOS was supposed to protect from this stuff? What the heck can I do to get this working? Or could it be a bad board? I already cleared CMOS and already tried booting without peripheral cards in. I tried with and without the DPS board in. No differences. Any ideas?

Model Name : GA-8AENXP-D
M/B Rev : 1.0
BIOS Ver : F2
VGA Brand : MSI Model : NX6800GT
CPU Brand : Intel Model : Pentium 4 640 Speed : 3.2 Ghz
Operation System : Win XP SP : SP2
Memory Brand : Corsair Type : DDR
Memory Size : 512 MB Speed : 533 Mhz
Power Supply : 500 W