I have a coolermaster stack case that came with front audio and mic connectors,

I have a dfi lanparty ultra d board and an audigy soundcard but I cant get the speaker (headphone) connection to work.

I have some sound connectors comming from the jack in the case and they are

speaker powe
line out and l-ret which are joined
r-out and r-ret which is also joined to this

I'm not sure if I should hook these up to the mobo or the audigy card ?

on the mobo I have 4 pins

13 speaker data
15 N/C (asumming thats not connected)
17 Ground
19 Speaker Power

I dont know if this is just for the speaker (the bleep sound) or if this actually gives me sound.

at the moment I've connected ground and speaker power to the right pins and I put the line out in the speaker data pin.

No getting any sound though so I dont know what I'm doing.

can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction, I;ve downloaded the guildelines for the audigy but it doesnt help me