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    Laptop Drivers

    I've just bought a mid-range laptop (Pentium 3 750 with speedstep)
    320mb of ram
    etc etc, anyway it does a brilliant job of running xp etc, however the problems arise when i want to for example play an old game such as Populous the Beggining, Theme Park World or even play a dvd movie. The AGP 2x Ati Radeon Mobility M1 8mb should be fine for that sort of stuff, and provide hardware acceleration to dvds as well as the tv out.

    Problem is i cannot find the xp drivers anywhere And the one i have found installs but does nothing for dvd playback and nothing for games, in fact it's disabled 32 and 24 bit color modes and booted me back down to 16bit

    The Compaq site shows xp drivers but they're unavailable due to broken links, so im wondering if anyone knows where the latest Mobility M1 drivers are?
    Im aware the latest catalysts are not supported At least, i dont think they are!

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    try this link , for the Mobility M1 drivers for xp , if the link doesnt work goto select downloads and dont know tag and the inspiron 3700 model

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    Great, works a treat thanks

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