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Thread: Power point remote

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    Mike Fishcake

    Power point remote

    Does anybody know anything about power point remote controls, ie, which ones are good and where I can get them from? I've googled around, but I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experiences with them, or knows someone that has.

    edit: what's the deal with censoring p o w e r p o i n t (minus the spaces) as powe******?

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    I have used a couple. My favourite being a tiny little thing with a Laser built in so you have to be careful.

    They are easy to setup and can work from the back of a lecture theatre.

    This is the one I think:

    But this is an updated model by the looks of it:
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    Another from Scan is £30, sometimes less on TodayOnly:
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    I have never used them but i was going to get one for me bird.

    I saw this one advertised at savastore and the neat thing about this is that the
    usb dongle fits inside when you carry it about. but not that great for using in
    windows without a tracker ball. but if its just for power point what does it matter.

    I recently saw one in micromart from trust which looked ok.

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