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Thread: suround sound

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    suround sound

    hi guys, merlins bro again, i got a audigy 2 ZS sounds card and logitech X-620 speakers but i just cant get any surround sound other than when playing source, EG music and stuff, i can only get front 2 speakers or back to speakers to work! ive tryed all the different ways of plugging in the 3 cables because for soem reason the souncard ports arent colour coded.

    cheers guys
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    Have you installed the creative diagnostics software and selected the right speaker settup and input? You can test them there to. Also, make sure the creative software is set to 'syncronize with the control panel' and the sounds properties in the CP are right. Sometimes having the creative software/drivers set up right for 5/7.1 will not work it the CP is set to 2.1.

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