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Thread: PalTalk sound problem

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    PalTalk sound problem

    I have the Paltalk chat program with text and audio in chat rooms.

    The problem:

    I keep losing sound on paltalk. It's typically an abrupt stop in sound like someone could be talking and all of a suddon just stop. Usually I'll have sound when I first enter a group (room) and it might work for a moment, then stop. Maybe twenty or forty minutes later I'll hear for a minute or thirty seconds. It seems to get a slightly worse when I have been on for a while.

    History of problem:

    Possibly late last year, definately sometime early this year I would occasionally lose sound for a little bit, but I could re-enter a room and it would be fine for the rest of the evening. I think that happened a couple of times late last year, but more so early this year. I just thought it was a connection thing. It got a bit worse by three months ago. It has been really bad for the last month and a half or two months. For about a month, I have really had a tough time hearing much of anything. Somethings like yesterday after being on for a while I can join a room and not hear anything or only for like 10 seconds if that.

    Program specificity:

    This seems unique to Paltalk on my computer. I am not aware of other sound problems although I have not used any other recently downloaded programs that use sound that are as new as paltalk 8.0. It was the advice of one of the paltalk people who told me to update to 8.0 from 7.0 that I did so in the last couple of weeks.

    What has been tried:

    I have uninstalled and redownloaded paltalk. I updated to 8.0 from 7.0 like one of the paltalk help people suggested. I have the same problem on another paltalk name. I've tried different things on paltalk for sound options that were suggested by a paltalk help person. Last night my brother tried looking up online what ports the program uses to set the router to specifically allow stuff sent there. It's starting to get a bit challenging for the paltalk help people.

    Our internet access:

    We have DSL on a verizon owned line but through AOL. It is connected to a wireless router and that is how I get internet access. We got a new roughter a few weeks ago, maybe three or so. I'm not quite sure. Just before our router was replaced, we had trouble with certain websites not loading. I still can only get to my yahoo mail and McAfee updates through the AOL program. My AOL was updated to the 9.0 security version early this year, around February I think. Previously, a little before the time when my parents decided to get a new router, nearly all internet programs and websites were nto getting through (though unevenly at times between computers) and I could get onto paltalk.

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    My brother has been having a similar problem with PalTALK. We are using version 9.x something.

    If I open a chat room (with voice) before the person/people start talking the sound doesn't start up and I don't get the small flashing microphone icon next the to talkers name.

    However, if I close the chat room window, and then re-open the same chat room window, the sound turns-on and is "normal".

    I have looked at portforward dot com a few times. This site has dozens of how-to guides for opening router ports for specific programs and routers.

    At present my older D-Link 504T router wasn't able to have the sound turn-on through paltalk; when the person starts talking after the chat room has been entered.

    My current BiPAC 7300A modem/router/switch doesn't allow the sound to turn-on after the chat room is entered either.

    I will apply the Port Forwarding setting from portforward dot com over the couple of days and see how things go.

    Be Well

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