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Thread: Akasa FC-03 fan controller mod

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    Akasa FC-03 fan controller mod

    I'm using an Akasa FC-03 fan controller in a Thermaltake Tsunami case. The front door wont quite close because the two knobs on the controller nearest the door locking mechanism foul on the inside on the door casing. The controller is great and I'm reluctant to swap it, so I'm looking to change the knobs for smaller ones (makes a change for a bloke to want a smaller knob ) Maplin do a ton of them, but i don't know how to get the originals off withouth wrecking anything.... If anyone can help it would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    i have that controller and the same case and the doors shuts fine for me , not all the way but it shuts more than enough to stay shut.

    which bay do you have the controller in ? , mines in the bottom 1

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