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Thread: PC wont post after chipset fan change.

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    Unhappy PC wont post after chipset fan change.

    Hi all, got a very annoying problem.

    Basically, decided a few days ago that it was finally time to change the chipset fan on my Asus A8N Deluxe ed. after having the replacement sitting around for months. So I took the motherboard tray out, took, the motherboard off, snapped the retention clips off the old one and took it off, and put the new one on (standard procedure). Put everything back together, and turned computer on. It started, all fans etc. ran, just as if it was a normal boot up, but it didn't POST and there was no display on the monitor (it just stayed in power saving mode). So, I checked for shorts, found one where a spacer had slipped off the screw, so fixed that, and tried a few other things, had the motherboard tray out 3 times, but I couldn't find anything else - and it's still the same! It was 3 days ago or so that I actually changed the fan, but I've spent all of this morning trying to fix it (doing the above).

    Can anyone give me any pointers... am I missing something stupid? Is this a common problem (see my hardware in sig)? I'm pretty sure all the parts should be fine, as the only major things that were really affected by this was the motherboard and the Graphics Card (took it out to get into the screws a few times).

    This is very frustrating as it's my main gaming PC that's down, only changed the chipset fan to get a higher overclock!

    Much appreciated,
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    Do you get any beeps from the PC speaker? You should even get beeps if memory / gfx card are not present.


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