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Thread: What is dead?

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    What is dead?

    alright, heres the deal

    about 1 month ago my setup was: 60 gig maxtor hard drive, Levicom 450w psu, abit KG7-s motherboard, 9800pro (running on 2x agp, but not playing any games), 1 gig of ram (2x256mb generic ram), 1700+ amd athlon and sound card and a lan card

    the motherboard decided to pop its clogs, so i decided i needed a new one. i didnt have much money so i settled for a cheap fix of a PC Chips M848A.

    when this came i set everything up (minus one 256mb ram chip and sound and lan cards), everything seemed to be running fine.
    i had to download some bf2 patchs and update steam on the new installation of windows so i left the computer on overnight last night with all fans (cpu, psu and gpu) on quiet, low rpm. i had also plugged in my brothers 80gigabyte maxtor hard drive to copy some photos from his to mine, this hard drive was in the pc overnight

    this morning everything seemed to be running absolutely fine. i began to install bf2 special forces and left to have a shower whilst it was updating during the installation. when i came back from the shower i found the pc in what looked like stand by mode......however when i moved the mouse or pressed a key nothing happened.
    i turned off the computer and restarted, the screen did not come back on!

    so i took out my brothers hard drive and tried again. same thing, blank screen, dead.

    i changed the cpu to a 1800+. screen was still dead. i tried a 2000+, screen was still dead.

    i then changed the radeon to an old mx440, the pc loaded into bios (which i had reset) and beeped at me to tell me it needed to be setup again (the bios)

    i then tried the radeon again and i got the same blank screen. after this i put the mx back in and turned the pc on again. this time i just got a bit of fan spin then nothing. i tried again and again and the same thing happened. nothing happens with the motherboard or components except a bit of fan spin

    i have since tried a new psu and the board loads into bios with the mx440 and 256mb of ram with nothing else plugged in

    i would say the radeon AND the psu are therefore just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to revive them and get them working again (im more concerned about the radeon). i cant rma.

    thanks very much for reading what must be a very boring post....any ideas are much appreciated
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    Have you got another AGP based platform that you can try the 9800 in? If so try that, and while your at it, if you have another power supply, try attaching just the mobo cables to the PC Chips mobo - make sure that boots.

    Resetting the CMOS would have been my first port of call, though I can't see how that would have been affected... Did you have any power cuts/surges? and if theres a possibility of the latter, was it on a Surge Protected lead?


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    i dont have another AGP platform to try the radeon on...ill ask my friends if they wouldnt mind letting me try it out on theirs

    the motherboard is fine, im using it with another psu

    im pretty sure the radeon and the psu are dead (psu for sure actually since it wont boot anything up)

    the pc was plugged into a surgemaste 5 port adapter plug so it wont have been a power cut....

    just a shame i managed to kill about 100 pounds worth of pc in a day

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