Ok, hard task I know.

But I lost a Partition on my external harddrive with all the 14gb of vital data (my documents etc - to transfer onto my new install :s )

I have tried loads of 'free' software, but they let you find all the files etc, but then ask for an activation key or to upgrade to recover all the files.

I know teh files are on the harddrive but i cannot get access to them

I have tried the following:

Test Disk - worked for one parition, can't get it to recover second - any help appreciated
Virtuallab Data Recovery - Picks it all up, tho wants activation
Get Data Back for Fat
PC Inspector File Recovery etc etc, but most ask for some sort of activation, despite them being available as 'free'

Test Disk seems to be the best, despite it only operates in DOS, tho can anyone help guide me to rescue my final partition on the disk?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated; do you know of better free software?