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Thread: Gigabyte DS4 - SPDIF Lock problems

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    Gigabyte DS4 - SPDIF Lock problems


    I have a E6600 + Gigabyte DS4, every work except for this one small SPDIF audio issue. Basic if you play a sound, after its been silent, the first 1 second or so is lost. This is because the SPDIF isn't locked. Theres a lock LED on my center speaker ( 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound ) which seems to come on a second after the sound and then go off a second after its played. This is really annoying, it means message sounds like MSN's dont work at all I just hear the last bit if im lucky.

    Ive tryed using the coax output instead but this does the same. Music is fine as there is constant sound just the first bit gets clipped and then it plays the rest normally.

    It wont do dolby digital either I set the centre speaker/amp to it and as soon as I play a sound it switch's to ProLogic.

    The 5.1 works with my other PC's optical SPDIF out fine, the lock light stays on all the time as far as I can remember (Nforce2 Audio)

    Ive update the drivers from the Gigiabyte site and the ones from Realtek. The control panel lets you select the SPDIF rate too, ive tryed all 4, but nothing helped.

    I used the normal analogue outputs and they work okay with my 5.1 headphones.

    Any advice? any other DS4 users have a working digital sound output.

    The realtek chip is ALC883. Have I been spoilt with the Nforce on board sound, because so far this realtek chip looks pants.
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    its not just that motherboard mate, going right back to the original sblive days to now, ive only had one sound card that didnt do that to a certain extent and that is an auzentech xplosion.

    the way round it on the auzentech is to enable karaoke mode and this sorts it. in the past, ive ended up using the analog connections, just out of frustration.
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