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Thread: Powercolor X800XT PCI-E Power Cable Question

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    Powercolor X800XT PCI-E Power Cable Question

    Ive run into a problem, and was wondering if someone knew enough to help me out:
    I bought the card mentioned in the subject quite a long time ago. Back then, I had a power supply that didnt have PCI-E power plugs, so I used the adapter that came with the card to provide power through a molex cable using the adapter. Recently, my power supply failed, so I had to purchase a new one. The new one does have dedicated PCI-E power plugs. However, if you look at the dedicated PCI-E cables, they have 6 wires, black and yellow, that go into the 6pin PCI-E connector. On the other hand, the adapter that Powercolor provided with the card, only has 2 wires, one black and one yellow, that lead into the 6pin PCI-E connector of the adapter. So my question is, can I use the dedicated PCI-E power cables of my new power supply? Or will it be the wrong voltage/amperage for the card since there are more wires?

    P.S. I've already emailed Powercolor about this, but have gotten a little tired waiting for a response, so I came here!

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    Hi Fed,

    Using the PSU PCIe connector should be fine.

    What make PSU did you buy btw?
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    So youre sure that the 6wire PCI-E connector wont, for example, blow the living crap out of my card?

    I bought a Seasonic S12 600W, to replace my Tagan 480W.

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