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Thread: Having a problem with my ECS KN1 Lite Extreme 1.0a motherboard.

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    Having a problem with my ECS KN1 Lite Extreme 1.0a motherboard.

    This is the first time i've assembled a computer completely by myself, so i'm not entirely certain that I didn't cause this problem. Anyway, I just decided to upgrade and I purchased a fairly decent combo from newegg.

    - AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Venice 2.2GHz Socket 939 Processor
    - ECS KN1 Lite 1.0A Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX
    - Powertek powertek500 ATX12V 500W
    - Kingston ValueRAM 256MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200)
    - KINGWIN SK-523SW Silver Aluminum front bezel, SECC chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    - ARCTIC COOLING Silencer64UltraTC L 87 x 87 x 33 mm Blue LED Light Cooling Fan

    Now I haven't purchased a new hard drive or video card yet, and my old card is AGP so I know that it won't work with this motherboard. However I plugged in my old 80gig IDE HDD and my DVD burner because I wanted to make sure all of the hardware was working properly. When I press the power button, the hard drive red light turns on, the fans spin for about half a second, and the front case LEDs flash before everything stops. That's as far as I can get.

    I've tried swapping the jumpers around and moving the ram into multiple slots. A friend of mine said I might have to have a video card installed because the motherboard doesn't have any onboard support. I'm not entirely certain if this is true or not.

    I followed the directions as best as possible, and i'm certain the CPU can't be overheating instantly. I'm not sure if it has something to do with my Power supply unit, or the jumpers, or if I must have a video card installed.

    I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.

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    Re: Having a problem with my ECS KN1 Lite Extreme 1.0a motherboard.

    I have same problem with my ECS KN1 SLI Lite.
    Mobo powers up all fans spinning but no beeps no signal. This sys when I assembled did gave me no start at very first boot I replaced power supply then it started working, but some times it showed same signs what I'm having now but a restart and it worked fine.
    I checked and removed everything & tested in other systems all worked fine. Changed power supply too. I always used 24pin 450 or higher power supplies.
    I removed the board from the case installed video card new power supply and powered it up same problem.
    One main thing I noticed this board has a big plastic back plate below CPU housing and it touches the case floor and when screws are installed this board bends that’s what probably killed my board.
    I noticed lot of postings about this board may be it needs a special case or longer spacers which support the board or may be it had a manufacturing flaw?
    Any suggestions comments?

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