Today we take a look at a nVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra based motherboard. The feature set is huge, the colour scheme is... interesting, performance is good, but overclocking could be better. Don't take my word for it though, read the review.
If you want to taste the goodness of NVIDIA's latest chipset in its Ultra incarnation and aren't worried about the overclocking side of things, what you have here is a solid, stable, fully featured setup, and all at an extremely tempting price point to boot. The overclockers among us will want to wait however, either for future BIOS updates for this board or to look elsewhere.
The good news is, manufacturers like to know what HEXUS thinks of their products, and ECS are addressing the BIOS issues which we pointed out, as can be seen in the "HEXUS.right2reply" section at the end of the review.