Hello All,

Question for y'all. I have a Dell Latitude D600 and I was wondering what controls whether or not the PCMCIA slot provides power to any component plugged into it.

Basically, which entry in Device manager usually deals with this sort of thing? My 3com wireless card worked fine in Win XP (And when inserted, 2 LEDs light up to show connection and throughput), but when i installed Vista, i plug it in, i get the sound to show its been recognised, but nothing, and hence no internet.

The thing is that there are no highlighted (ie. unresolved) entries in device manager, so everything currently has a driver. This makes me think that something isnt right... and i bet its driver related.

I would just like to know what usually 'controls' the PCMCIA power, so maybe i can search for a better driver? I kind like Vista and would like to use it, but without that adaptor - its basically a typewriter

Any help welcome