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Thread: Saitek Pro Gamer - Command Unit problem

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    Saitek Pro Gamer - Command Unit problem

    Hello all,

    I recently ordered a Saitek Pro Gamer - Command Unit (needs a longer name...) and just cant get it to work. I think its conflicting with the Logitech drivers I use in conjunction with their SetPoint software (which is a POS) for my keyboard and MX Laser mouse.

    Two of the entries in Device Manager were reporting error code 28, but are not now. The SST software that saitek supplies for configuring and customizing the keys that are used with the SPG-CU recognises the keypresses of the device, as does the game controlers control pannel applet.

    Yet, it works in this manner, but doesnt actually do anything when it comes to testing that the key presses are working. For example, for Emporer: Battle for Dune, I've set D, E, T and R for seperate keys. Pressing these in any text input field results in naff all happening. As does when running the game.

    Is there a simple way to check for conflicts? Have you heard of, or had similar problems?

    Thanks for any help that you guys can give.

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    it sounds like a couple of drivers may not have updated properly for the programmable ones - possibly the Magic Mouse & Magic Keyboard (virtual devices) didn't install properly.
    The best place to go is - once you have registered & logged in a lot more of the forum will be revealed.
    Post in the appropriate section & UKSupport (aka Richard) should set you right.

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