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Thread: PC Freezes

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    PC Freezes

    Ok guys - i've got a problem with my pc. It freezes all the time but i've noticed if I unplug the ADSL modem (BT Voyager 105) the whole thing works ok. The modem and cable are new and the phone line has been checked and has no faults. AOL say i should make sure i have the correct USB drivers but given the thing worked for the last year i'd be suprised if it was that. Any help greatly appreciated!


    PC is a MESH Elite 650.

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    It will in this weather!


    If it doesn't do it when you unplug the modem, then it definitely sounds like that's conflicting in some way. Otherwise I'd suggest something like faulty memory.

    Have you tried updating all the drivers involved, chipset, USB, modem, etc. Perhaps also try it in a different USB socket.

    Failing that, ditch the dodgy USB modem and buy a nice router
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    I second ditching the voyager modem, plenty of cheap modem/routers out there that will do the job fine.

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    Thanks guys - will try and find the drivers for my board and if not the Voyager is going in the skip!

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