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Thread: 2.5'' HDD problem

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    Question 2.5'' HDD problem

    I am saving the photos onto a 2.5 notebook hard drive.

    However, the folder which contains all the files are unable to open. when I clicked the folder, it was empty. However I checked the whole hard drive. It shows 8 GB space has been used (29.8 G free, Total 38.9 GB).

    I was wondering if the photos are still on the hard drive.

    If the files are in the hard drive, this is the question how I can retrieve the files from the hard drive?

    What can I do? Is there any software or person I can go to in the UK to solve such problem?

    BTW the hard drive is fine. I was trying to transfer the file from my memory card to the hard drive through the computer. For the rest of the holiday, do you think I can still use the hard drive to save the pictures? Please advise.

    The hard drive contains all of the best pictures of the natural scene in this trip.

    Thank you very much for all your attention and help.

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    If its not showing the pictures i would start saving more onto it, if you do save it at a different location.

    Try running some HDD check utility's like chdsk (windows one )

    If you do save more photos to your HDD make sure you have a copy as im sure like everyone photos are important.

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