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Thread: "Posting" my computer

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    "Posting" my computer

    My computer POSTs fine, but I'm thinking of posting it. After posting, do you think it will POST?

    (sorry about the pun)

    I'm headed off to Spain for 4 months, and would like to take my PC with me. I've had a vague look on FedEx etc, and it looks like posting my PC to my new location would cost well over £100. Taking it on plane with me would also be similarly expensive, as my case is a bit heavy. I guess just my base unit is around 20kg.

    Is there any cheaper way of getting my computer to its destination? Should I dismantle it and take just the components with me, buy a case over there, and reassemble?

    Anyone got any experience transporting computers? What's best?
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    Probably not much of a help to you but personally I would remove the main components like hard drive(s), graphics card and CPU and take them with me. Just to be on the safe side.

    Are you taking the monitor as well, if it's not a TFT then they are quite heavy as well.
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    Shipped a PC to my brother using Parcelforce (Royal Mail). Arrived in one piece and still works today. Cost about £30 though and that was within the UK.

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