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Thread: No price cut, but a cheaper 40GB PS3 launching soon?

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    No price cut, but a cheaper 40GB PS3 launching soon?

    Sony don't want to drop the price of the PS3, but it's looking increasingly like we'll be able to pick up a cheaper model very soon.
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    Re: No price cut, but a cheaper 40GB PS3 launching soon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky News
    It has been suggested that a few, more minor features, such as the console's USB ports or backwards compatibility might be lost in order to let Sony offer the model more cheaply.
    Don't current PS3 owners charge their controllers via the USB port? If thats the only way to charge them then USB ports aren't a minor feature to leave out are they, and lets be honest in this day and age where USB2 is everywhere, how much would it cost to stick a USB Hub in the thing....Mere dollars I'm thinking.

    Plus the backwards compatibility it done via software is it not? So how is leaving that out going make a 40GB version cheaper?

    If this is true then I find it bizarre.

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    Re: No price cut, but a cheaper 40GB PS3 launching soon?

    I'm more confused about what models are out there to buy, whats coming out and what will be obsolete in a couple of months.

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