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Thread: Why does MSI stick notebooks in easy-bake ovens?

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    Why does MSI stick notebooks in easy-bake ovens?

    Bizarre experience watching an expensive notebook being covered in tiny thermal sensors and then cooked in an oven - let alone machines that open and close laptops for six years... but that IS what MSI does to try to ensure quality!
    Watch the show.
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    Re: Why does MSI stick notebooks in easy-bake ovens?

    have they tried clamping that wind tunnel onto one of their motherboards, overclocking the chip heavily and claiming they have the ultimate in overclockable 'air cooled' motherboards, or would that be a bit silly?

    i take it they also test their laptops by whacking a great big lump onto the lid, to simulate accidentaly sitting on it, or dropping it while in a bag.
    or maybe this is what hexus might be doing over summer, getting nick to wander around with a sledgehamme smashing up pc components, preferably while still in the shop, then we get to see more of his rippling muscles as he's running away.
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    Re: Why does MSI stick notebooks in easy-bake ovens?

    How is 35 degrees a mini oven???

    And wow I've never thought that someone would open/close the lid for 20, 000 times in 6 years, which equates to doing it about 10 times a day....

    I wonder at how many times the hinge actually snaps off.... (another tv show? >> point of destruction!)
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    Re: Why does MSI stick notebooks in easy-bake ovens?

    Quote Originally Posted by Workaholic View Post oven...
    I can see you don't have a 4 year old with a children's over - powered by a light bulb - which takes years to cook a single fairy cake

    Quote Originally Posted by stevie lee View Post
    ...wind tunnel... ...overclocking... ...simulate accidentally sitting on it... ...nick with a sledgehamme...

    <adds Nick idea to 'Evil Genius' list>

    I kept 6 trusted serving men, they taught me all I knew.
    There names were what and where and why and how and when and who.

    (I also had the HEXUS forums on speed dial just in case )

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