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Thread: Review :: Frontlines: Fuel of War - PC

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    Review :: Frontlines: Fuel of War - PC

    The latest game to be strapped into the torture chair that is the HEXUS.gaming review rig is THQ’s Frontlines: Fuel of War which, in essence, is a Battlefield 2142 wannabe that, in unequal measure, improves in some areas but screamingly fails in others.
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    Re: Review :: Frontlines: Fuel of War - PC

    I have to say a quite like this game, i thought it was much better than the total disapointment of 2142 (1 game that bored the pants of me),

    dont get me wrong its not the best game i have ever played but deffinately not the worst,

    i could quite easily play a good 2-3 hours on this, which is more i can say for some other titles,

    just my 2p's worth.

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    Re: Review :: Frontlines: Fuel of War - PC

    Oh I agree.. if only they'd playtested this a bit more, it'd have received a much more favourable review.

    I finally conquered the 'stuck in mission' bug by loading up a saved game I got from a cheat site...

    Overall though, the issues as it stands still leave me wishing they'd paid just the little bit more attention... the aiming is a serious pain in the backside.
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