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Thread: News - Microsoft clarifies Windows 7 name, but is it technically accurate?

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    Re: News - Microsoft clarifies Windows 7 name, but is it technically accurate?

    Seems a bit silly to me really.... Who cares what its called, its gonna be a bag of bull droppings when its released, everyone is going to hate it (well apart from those people who use it). Its going to generate no end of furrious typing by those who have never used it and never will (they will probably be using a Vista system which they will think is the bee's knees despite them hating vista in 2007/8 when they said MS would have to pry XP from their cold, dead hands.

    Windows 7 seems in keeping with intels new i7 CPU due out soon, but by the time W7 hits the shelves that will be an obselete CPU... I imagine that 12 months before they launch W7 some bright advertising spark at MS will suggest they call it something like Windows Glide and they will go with that....

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    Re: News - Microsoft clarifies Windows 7 name, but is it technically accurate?

    I'm more interested in the features Windows 7 will have than either its name or what the fanboys think of it :-p
    And not just the user-interactive ones either. For example, will there be a setting to optimise its performance for SSDs? Currently, Windows is optimised for HDDs. However, especially in laptops, SSDs are becoming more prominent, and this sector is only going to increase. The main problem at the moment is unnecessary random writes by the operating system which do not majorly impact performance on HDDs, but on SSDs can drag the system to a standstill, especially with the cheaper MLC variety. This is a big issue which I believe M$ should be concentrating on correcting; if SSDs work efficiently on Windows 7 not only will it improve take-up of Windows 7 itself, it'll boost the SSD market, bringing prices down more quickly.

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