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Thread: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: AMD fares worst in declining market

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    Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: AMD fares worst in declining market

    Much of the New Year gains were lost last week, although not necessarily where you might expect.
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    Re: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: AMD fares worst in declining market

    Its a slightly simplistic view of the numbers just by looking at the numbers on a set day and checking the change.

    Since the beginning of January, for whatever reason, AMD have a massive gain, the 2.69(which actually hit 2.85ish at one point) was simply an abnormally high stock price for this climate. IT came down just as sharply more as a correction.

    Likewise Nvidia didn't have nearly as large a gain, AMD had gained about 15% more than Nvidia in the recent gains and a lot more than Intel IIRC. If you look at a month ago, Nvidia are actually roughly where they were, AMD are slightly up and Intel are down.

    During most of last week Intel, AMD and Nvidia all lost pretty heavily, partially equalling out which is generally quite normal for January, most January's lots of companies get an overly enthusiastic boost followed by a mid to late January slump as that , assumingly, New Years eve buzz drys up. Either way, Friday was really the first day the stocks all rallied slightly. AMD however started its rally later and is most likely to rally higher than the current prices later this week.

    For instance AMD on Friday hit a low of 2.05, as both Nvidia and Intel went lower, and all ralied throughout the day and made back some of those weeks loses. AMD were up over 10% from their low on friday alone.

    I do think its a nice feature, but really the overly simplistic view can be incredibly misleading. Of the 3 companies I think AMD will easily do the best mid to long term 2-10 years and probably could be the most gaining short term stock over the next year also. But in this climate multiple companies are going up and down hugely on a daily/weekly basis and its really not a point in time in the stock market that a 3 day analysis holds any weight to whats really happening.

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    Re: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: AMD fares worst in declining market

    Thanks for the feedback drunkenmaster.

    Bear in mind the feature only claims to be an update on the weekly movement of the stock, not a barometer of the historical health of the company and certainly not an indicator of what might happen.

    Also, every company listed has a hyperlink to its Google Finance page where people can explore other timescales if they want.

    I try to give some context in my editorial, but obviously there's a much bigger picture than a weekly snapshot can provide and, as ever, it's incumbent on individuals to research the matter as thoroughly as they need to.

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    Re: Analysis - HEXUS.sharewatch: AMD fares worst in declining market

    my opinion on amd used to sell/ use 3or 4 processors a week if im lucky 1 a month now
    it appears that the market has left amd behind increasingly consumers want laptops or net books. producing excellent graphics card for an ever dwindling desktop market not best placed for tomorrow. ramping up the numbers wil only work for so long.
    they need a mobile platorm that competes

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