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Thread: News - Konami developing shooter based on war in Iraq

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    News - Konami developing shooter based on war in Iraq

    Konami announce Six Days in Fallujah, a third person shooter based on the war in Iraq.
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    Re: News - Konami developing shooter based on war in Iraq

    I'm not sure this is in good taste. I don't really know why either. A lot of games are based on WW1 or WW2. Even Vietnam.
    I think it's a bit too soon to bring out. I think maybe it's because it's making entertainment out of something not good. I think it's wrong to make it so realistic. Especially with maps and stuff.

    Then again, for me in other genres like GTA IV and other violent games the realism is welcome. Guess that makes me a hipacryte? Oh well, everyone has an opion I suppose.

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    Re: News - Konami developing shooter based on war in Iraq

    I don't mind having to put up with fiction set US/British jingoistic propaganda and white washing history in most military based shooters but getting to act as a US marine leader in a brutal medieval style siege that happened only a few years ago and was part of an ongoing occupation is a bit much. The US military were involved in mass war crimes during that operation, as was well documented at the time, perhaps Konami will show that side of it (some chance).

    Imagine the uproar if a game came out allowing you to fly planes into the twin towers (and no microsoft flight simulators don't count) or bomb london buses.
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    Re: News - Konami developing shooter based on war in Iraq

    that game just looks like CoD4
    and they desperately need some AA on those screen shots!
    be a good game though if the graphics get a little better and the gameplay is good enough

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