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Thread: News - Microsoft touts IE9 hardware acceleration

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    News - Microsoft touts IE9 hardware acceleration

    Company shows off ‘full’ acceleration, though competition is quick to respond
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    Re: News - Microsoft touts IE9 hardware acceleration

    I use Firefox a lot but it's slow to start up than IE.

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    Re: News - Microsoft touts IE9 hardware acceleration

    For now, it all seems like marketing posturing. However, after Wednesday's press-event, we'll finally be able to put IE9 through its paces and see whether Microsoft's claims hold-up.
    Indeed. But MS do have one big advantage, DirectX is their abstraction layer.

    The ferret and others all have no high performance cross platform alternative. So they have to put a layer inbetween. This can be quite costly, so if mozzila want to get the speed they have to pretty much keep the dx formats as is, thunking them to another structure would be costly.

    So if they are very clever they can do this, the reward I think will be demanded if the out of the box browser is faster.

    But its telling that even Apple who have after-all full access to their operating system in a way mortal developers could only dream, are un-able to do this on OSX, with Safari launching its partial, abstracted acceleration on windows first.

    I do love this demo thou:
    I'm also putting a new fresh alive betta in my tank in a couple of weeks
    throw new ArgumentException (String, String, Exception)

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