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Yep was following that thread today.

If Hexus has also been given one of these, you have got to ask what AMD is doing. Ok it's an ES but deliberately giving borked ES's (assuming it came from AMD that is) to the press is downright bizarre.

Or maybe it's a different ES, and everything is working fine. Who knows lol I'm going half-mad at these leaks.
It will be interesting to see the actual clockspeeds of the A8 CPUs at launch. If they are comparable to the Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X4 there will be a decent performance boost. AFAIK,Turbo Core for lightly threaded applications maybe quite high.

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So are these the ones that can use the GPU for general processing, or is it just a iGPU ala SNB?
AFAIK,the GPU supports OpenCL.