In the first two parts of our NVIDIA SLI coverage, we've looked at how SLI works, the two rendering modes, how a pair of 6800 Ultras and a pair of 6800 GTs perform, and answered just about all the questions you might have about SLI.

Today, we look at bringing SLI to the masses, with tests on a pair of the cheapest SLI capable cards: 6600 GTs, along with some PSU testing to see just how much of a strain a pair of new NVIDIA cards will put on your power supply.
It's taken me until the end of this third article in our SLI series to get to any kind of large conclusion on SLI as a whole. My overall impression of just the technology is one of excitement, and also admiration that NVIDIA have it working to such a good degree with the majority of applications. Multi-GPU 3D acceleration is not a trivial problem to solve, especially in the load-balanced SFR case, with it only really working across the board if you throw the AFR mode at everything. And even that has its problems.
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