OK, hands up everybody who used to, or still does go to their Games Workshop store to play a bit of Warhammer? Geek or not, Warhammer is a great game, one I fondly remember - from painting the models to using fifty thousand dice in a single throw. Alas, I'm far too busy to do such things these days, but Dawn of War has allowed me to relive my 40k days without even moving from my desk - great stuff! Nick brings us a review:
The missions themselves usually start with your commander and a few troops securing an area and this is where the resource management and building aspects of the game come in. From these meagre beginnings you have to establish a base, collect resource points and build an army capable of taking on your enemies and defeating them.
I've actually tried playing this game online, only to find that my RTS skills are so poor I usually get laughed out of the game. However, I digress... check out the review, here.