So lets get this straight.

You pay for your internet right now, hard cash. They want to change it so they slow your internet down and get you to pay some more to get it back to current max speed... Who could possibly support this idea other than those making money from it and those completely fooled. This is pretty much a con.

We already get ripped off with false offers of speed, with this "up to" and "expected" rubbish. If we paid for per GB or per Mbps on our lines, you could say this is about giving more options, but NO, we'd be reversing the current way it works to make it even more expensive and worse as we do a lot of (legal) P2P. Nearly everyone is paying full price for pretty much every ISP's package of "unlimited".

I know this is US related, but also something for the EU.. Like someone said, we should be trying to achieve Gbps speeds. Instead we have some greedy, delusional, depressed losers sitting in an office thinking of ways to double profits for already rich people so they can get nothing of like for like value..