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Thread: New Finnish/English Hardware Site Launches

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    New Finnish/English Hardware Site Launches

    We all started somewhere, so when I received an e-mail about the launch of a new hardware web site, I thought I'd introduce it to you all. is a Finnish site, but the editorial is also in English. Here are their first two articles:

    Gainward Geforce 6800 LE
    This time it was Gainward's midpriced 6800LE which was reviewed. We enabled Gainward's masked features by using the Rivaturner softmod. The review contains an easy guide how to use the software and what kind of results do you end up with....
    Pentium 4 Extreme Edition & 925XE
    The fourth speed upgrade for the Pentium 4 family happened with the P4 Extreme Edition processor which has a remarkable 1066MHz FSB. At the moment the 3,46GHz P4 EE is the only processor which crosses the 1GHz front side bus. Unfortunately it has an extremely high price which drives away almost all its potential buyers.
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    Thanks man. We need all the help

    More reviews will be published next week! That's all!

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