Extreme overclocking and 512MB graphics meet in Dallas

What's better than watching one person perform some extreme overclocking? Watching three people perform extreme overclocking, of course! The Tech Report report back from TXGF's ATI Ultimate LAN Party.
Let's start with the overclocking. ATI invited to the event three guys who have often been near the top of the rankings at FutureMark's Online Result Browser: Eric "Oppainter" Kronies, Charles "Fugger" Wirth, and Sami "Macci" Makinen. Oppainter and Fugger are both Americans who hang out at XtremeSystems.org. Macci, the youngster of the group, is from Finland. All three, assisted by cooling specialists known as "Chilly1" and "PC-Ice," specialize in what can only be described as extreme overclocking.
I'd like to put a special mention in for the guy with the PC in a fridge. Hats off to him - I've always wanted to do that!

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