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Thread: AMD quietly enhances the Wraith Prism RGB LED CPU cooler

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    Re: AMD quietly enhances the Wraith Prism RGB LED CPU cooler

    Quote Originally Posted by philehidiot View Post
    Interesting thought - I wonder if the current mainstream push towards MOAR CORES will mean that older AMD CPUs from the days of "throw more cores at the problem" will be better now than they otherwise would as things are coded to take proper advantage of 6 cores? Guessing not given the architecture of old but still, an intersting thought.
    Given Intel were providing (admittedly top end) mainstream processors capable of running 8 threads throughout the life of the FX series, I find that pretty unlikely. Don't forget that's exactly what everyone said about the PS4/Xbox One using 8 AMD cat cores, but they were launched over 6 years ago now and I haven't seen anyone trumpeting the revivial of the FX 8350 as the budget CPU champ.

    The FX 8350 is still going to have its inherent comparatively low IPC hampering it, which means - just like at launch - it's only going to hold up in situations that can load all the cores. And the simple fact is that not every piece of software can be efficiently parallelised. One of the great computing myths of the last decade or so is that every piece of software could be made to run faster if only it used MOAR THREADS. That's just not true. The most important influence of having more cores is actually that it keeps your computer functional when an intensive, long-running process is hammering one thread. I don't spin up virtual machines at work now with fewer than 3 cores available for exactly that reason, after wasting an entire day trying to do stuff on a 1 core VM while it was processing a Windows Update...

    But sure, if you know you have a heavily threaded workload or you don't do anything intensive but like having lots of stuff running at once, an 8350 will still do a job.

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    Re: AMD quietly enhances the Wraith Prism RGB LED CPU cooler

    My 3800X came with an RGB cooler, but I have an AIO (280mm) to use instead. The stock cooler will stay in the box until I eventually sell the CPU. (if I live that long)
    I'm a big fan of more than stock cooling on all four of my house's PCs.

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    Re: AMD quietly enhances the Wraith Prism RGB LED CPU cooler

    I would imagine the cooler doesn't come with 6 heat pipes, because those heatpipes will block airflow through the entire thickness of the fin-stack.

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