Buy a retail graphics card and what do you get? The card, some cables, a manual, some drivers, perhaps a couple of DVI-A > DSUB converters and then, of course, a bundle of games. How many of the games will you actually play, though? It's nice to get games that will let you show off the wonderous effects that your new graphics card can product, but they are of little use if you don't actually like the games. Sapphire have come up with an interesting solution.
In an industry first, to be known as Sapphire Select, most of the new Sapphire graphics accelerators will be shipped with a DVD containing a selection of top applications and games from several leading software houses. The end customer can play each of the games for a one hour trial before choosing which titles he or she wants to keep and using the activation codes for those titles. Additional access codes for further titles on the disk will also be offered at discounted prices.
It sounds like it could be a winning formula, providing the games available are good and the choice is broad. Check out Sapphire's press release.