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Thread: 13 PSU Roundup @ Overclockers Australia

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    13 PSU Roundup @ Overclockers Australia

    You'll forgive me for being sick of PSU reviews. I'm not saying the writers are bad, not at all. Nor am I saying that PSUs are not important - a good PSU is an essential part of any PC system. However, I find PSUs boring. Even the new super duper fanless window modular food-reheating models don't grab my attention any more. So, I feel a bit sorry for the guy who had to review thirteen PSUs - what a thrill that must have been. Nonetheless, a great roundup such as this could help you choose that quality PSU over one that might kill your entire rig a few months down the line.
    Today we're looking at thirteen power supply units, or PSUs, from various manufacturers. We don't have a particular criteria in mind, we've just been sent a few PSU's over the last little while and it's time to check them all out. As this is the first official PSU roundup on OCAU, we'll be exploring the nature of PSU testing a little as well.
    [The review]
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    Whether ya get bored or not, you do a good service with findinga review like that.

    Bit mixed up, and a few irregularities, BUT once agaimn Antec showing the way across the board really.

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    You will never go wrong with a good Antec PSU

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