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Thread: Apple App Store guidelines mean no xCloud / Stadia on iOS

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    Re: Apple App Store guidelines mean no xCloud / Stadia on iOS

    Quote Originally Posted by Tabbykatze View Post

    Really wish Governments would start taking Apple down a peg or three.
    As do I.

    But ..... I really think the blame lies with consumers.

    None of us are forced to buy Apple stuff. And I haven't (since the 80's). Not because of any inherent dislike, but just 'cos it wasn't the right solution for my needs.

    However, I am currently considering an iPad Pro, Surface Pro or even Sams7ng Tab S7 (or 7+) and therefore effectively deciding which environment to lock into, because the capital outlay, and some specific software preferences, will effectively lock me in.

    Bur I do at least get to choose platform, without governments deciding what they can and can't do, and whichever way I go, it will be in full knowledge of the nature of the scorpion my frog is carrying.

    The only real way to send companies like Apple a "hell no" message, IMHO, is when consumers vote, in sufficiently large numbers, with their wallets. And I have to advise .... don't hold your breath.

    The bulk of consumers are either too stupid to notice or, much more likely, don't give enough of a damn.

    How many will genuinely dig their heels in?

    I did, over Windows 10 (or rather, at Windows 8) but personal circumstances have forced even me to give in when needs outweigh bloody-minded stubbornness.

    (Still not giving in the Steam, though. I'll go to my grave first).

    Note: On neither my stand against W10 or Steam was I under any illusion it would matter a damn. MS and Valve certainly won't care, and I knew there was 0% chance enough people would similarly dig in enough to force a change, even if they agreed with me. It was simply personal choice.
    A lesson learned from PeterB about dignity in adversity, so Peter, In Memorium, "Onwards and Upwards".

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    Re: Apple App Store guidelines mean no xCloud / Stadia on iOS

    Not hearing a peep from the EU about this. Very strange.

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