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Thread: Trojan leaps from bogus Windows Update site

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    Trojan leaps from bogus Windows Update site

    Poor old Joe Public has a hard time protecting his machine from viruses. Picture this: He is told to keep his PC up to date, then one day he receives an e-mail apparantly from Windows Update, providing him with a new update to download. Oh dear!
    The site was promoted through spam messages claiming to come from "Windows Update" <> and featuring subject lines such as "Update your windows machine", "Urgent Windows Update", and "Important Windows Update". Users who followed links in the email and tried to download updates from the site risked infection by the DSNX-05 Trojan horse, which allows hackers to take remote control of an infected PC.
    Read more over at The Register.
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    Yeah been reading about this new these guys are smart but really...they ahve too much time on their hands. Maybe they should be doing something more constructive instead of making every Windows user's life miserable. But seriously you would have to be a tard to update your computer thru an email. M$ never sends emails...

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