Quite a few for you to take a look at today, so here's a round-up.

Corsair has launched DDR2 RAM rated at... get ready for this... 1GHz. That's flippin fast. Of course, latencies aren't as good as your old school DDR1 RAM, but impressive nontheless. Read more.

Following our look at Intel's new processors, here is the press release for them and the new chipset accompanying them. Also, ECS have announced a new motherboard, the PF5 Extreme, which is based on the new Intel 945P chipset.

Did you know you can send e-mails from your phone? I know I can, but I've never bothered to set it up. Orange are trying to change that with Email on the move.

Visson have a press release announcing their presence at Computex. I expect one of our hacks will pay them a visit at some point.

Finally, a couple of press releases from VIA. They have a new processor to show off, called the C7. It's a 90nm part and will run at around the 2.0GHz mark. They've also announced Dr. Gwo-Jiunn Huang, who is Executive Vice President of Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry, as a key speaker at their technology forum.