Recently, I was in search of a new PSU. I did a lot of researching, but I already knew who the big dawgs were. PC Power and Cooling were on my short-list and I very nearly purchased a 510Watt TurboCool. In the end, the reported noise of the thing put me off and I went for a Tagan 2Force, which I am very happy with. Still, it was a close call, as PC P&C have a reputation for producing the mutts nuts when it comes to PSUs. So, delighted was I, to learn that Madshrimps have a review of their 850Watt model.
Today PCP&C has given us such an animal and it's currently the most powerful unit on the market. At $469 it is perhaps the most costly, however; in this case you truly do get what you pay for. A 5-year warranty, unrelenting power, silent operation and a PSU able to power multiple SATA, SLI graphics cards (each with a dedicated line), and the load demands of any desk-top system thrown at it.
This PSU has a very unique design and there are plenty of internal pictures for you to examine in the article. The only thing missing from the review that I'd really like to see, is actually applying 850W worth of load to the PSU. I hope somebody will take it upon themselves to do this.

Read the review over at Madshrimps.